New Redband Clip For Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Promises One Hell Of A Workout


Spike Lee‘s remake of the cult classic Oldboy is just around the corner, dropping into theaters at the end of this month. I’ve purposely been keeping some distance between myself and this film, because I’m extremely worried about the end product.

I know that Lee is a unique filmmaker and he’ll definitely put his own spin on the previously established material, but I really dug the hell out of the original film and I’m still having a tough time believing that it’s getting a US remake.

That being said, this new redband trailer is certainly an interesting piece of promotional material. I’m really glad that Lee is taking a totally different approach, while also sticking to some familiar shots and plot points that we’d expect him to do some good justice to.

This new redband clip is bloody and full of some interesting cut-ins.

I’ll just leave it down below for you to think on:

Source : Esquire


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