New Project Spartan Video Highlights Awesomeness Of Cortana & Windows 10


Windows 10 is going to be awesome. I just don’t know how else to say it. Currently, Windows Insider members can test out all of the latest and greatest features of Windows 10 if they’re okay with running a beta/not quite finished build of Microsoft‘s newest upcoming OS. Or, those of you patient enough can wait it out until the eventual release date of later this year sometime.

I think summer/fall is the time table for Windows 10, with September or October making more sense, while some suggest Windows 10 for phone coming sometime this summer.

One of the many (and I do mean many) new features listed for Windows 10 is Project Spartan aka the browser that will finally make everyone forget about Internet Explorer and what Microsoft has been doing wrong all of these years in terms of web browsing.

Now, Spartan offers a new flashy UI, a faster engine and complete Cortana integration. Cortana became a hit when she debuted on Windows Phone 8.1 and now she can be seen on Windows 10 desktops and the new browser Project Spartan.

Below, I’ve posted a video that shows off just a few cool things that she can do for you, like look up more detailed info from a website or simple right clicking for word definitions and general info without ever leaving the webpage. This is the sort of stuff that I am excited for in a browser versus the usual add-ons and plug-ins that do nothing but bog the browser down and make it a data hog.

Project Spartan will still have the ability to do all of that and then some, which makes it a win-win for Microsoft and hopefully a big selling point for Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phone, which is where it will also pop up at sometime down the road.

Keep in mind that Project Spartan is currently in development and nowhere near completion.

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