New Poster For ‘Logan’ Boasts A Grizzled Wolverine And An R-Rating

Fox hasn’t been shy in promoting their latest X-Men┬áspin-off, Logan, which will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the “final” time. I say that, because I’m sure a truck-load of money might convince him to pop up in an X-Film down the road, but Jackman has gone on record saying that this will be the last time he shows the claws.

And this last time will be directed by The Wolverine‘s James Mangold and also be rated R.

I’m looking forward to a more adult-oriented Wolverine film. The Wolverine skirted on the edge of PG-13, with its extended cut definitely amping up the blood and gore. It fit too, given the mature nature of these recent films.

Why not go out with an R-rated bang? Thanks Deadpool!

Anyways, this latest poster isn’t much, but it should hold us over until the film’s March release.

Source : Twitter


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