New Poster For The Iceman

A new poster has surfaced for an upcoming film called The Iceman. It stars Michael Shannon, Benicio Del Toro and James Franco and it’s about a contracted killer for the mafia who was also a family man.

This is the first I have even heard of this project and that sort of surprised me, considering the talent involved. James Franco is hot off of his Oscar nominated performance in 127 Hours and Benicio Del Toro hasn’t done much since The Wolfman (which actually won an Oscar), so he is due for another film.

What’s even more interesting is Michael Shannon taking the lead. I’ve always liked Shannon, but I never saw him as the leading man. His best performance in recent memory was in the Sam Mendes directed film Revolutionary Road. He made a great film even better and I hope he can continue to enhance his career by leading in a film like this.

I’m really hoping for more information on this film, like a trailer or even a release date. Right now nothing is known besides the brief plot synopsis and this poster, which you can view below thanks to TheFilmStage:

The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.

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