New Poster for The Dark Knight Rises!

In the second comic book movie poster reveal of the day, we have the latest poster for The Dark Knight Rises.  It features Tom Hardy as Bane, walking away from a shattered Batman cowl in the rain.  Might this be the depiction of Bane’s escape from Arkham Asylum?

Fans will be salivating until the films release in July, and until then, I’m sure the Warner Brothers marketing department has a lot more tricks up their sleeve.  With that said, the poster is nice, and gives a nice hint of what is to come in the new film.

The Dark Knight Rises releases July 24th, 2012, right around the same time The Avengers  is slated for release, turning this summer into a battle of the comic book heavyweights.  Keep in mind this is all a few weeks after The Amazing Spider-Man is released, so here’s to hoping the landscape of summer doesn’t become too congested with comic book releases.  In the meantime, all the fanboys will have fun decoding every microscopic scrap of anything to do with these films.  Stay tuned.

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