New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Has Earned My Ticket


That’s it. I’m sold. Man of Steel is going to be the best film of the summer. It’s going to be the one that we’ve all been waiting for. It has to be. JUST LOOK AT THIS FUCKING TRAILER!

Zack Snyder‘s Superman adaptation has been on almost everyone’s most-anticipated list ever since he and Christopher Nolan signed on. The momentum never really had a chance to slow down with the reveal of not one, but two impressive full-length trailers, plus a decent marketing effort to boot.

Now, we’ve got this latest trailer, which is simply stunning. It’s completely different than the previous trailers, focusing this time more on Michael Shannon‘s Zod and less on Henry Cavill‘s Superman.

I love the music. I love the mood and I absolutely love everything that we are seeing on the screen. Many have complained about Snyder’s weakness as a character-building director, while commending him for his ability to shoot action sequences. Man of Steel looks like that perfect pairing.

Man of Steel opens on June 14th, 2013.

Check out the latest trailer below:

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