New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer Is A Bit Too Much


Look, I totally get that I’m not exactly the demographic for WB’s upcoming sequel Magic Mike XXL, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put a little content into the actual trailer.

Channing Tatum stars in the sequel to the surprise hit Magic Mike, which was actually about a lot more than just young men stripping for the camera (read my review here). The film had an actual plot, full of colorful characters.

Magic Mike XXL looks like a parody of that, with an intense ramp up of half-naked men dancing.

I get that’s why the first film did so well financially, but would it hurt them to reveal the actual plot instead of a loop of Tatum without his shirt jumping around (in style, but still a little excessive here)?

Check out the latest trailer and let me know if I’m getting too worked up over one of this summer’s most-anticipated sequels (not my word, but the word of many women).

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