New Logo, Robots, Release Date & Toys For Transformers 4

Michael Bay is coming back for Transformers 4 and he plans on getting it done and ready for release by the summer of 2014. The Film Stage has shared with us several interesting details about the fourth film in the highly popular franchise and the news leaves me past caring at this point.

For starters, the fourth film is going to act as a sequel, but also a reboot. This means that Bay wants to introduce a lot of new faces and get rid of most of the old, like Shia LaBeouf. He also wants to set it up for a new director to come in and have no problems taking over and possibly making another 3 or 4 films.

With this means new robots, so that Hasbro can make new toys to sell to the kids.

So we’re looking at the possibility of a brand-new Transformers series that picks up right where Dark of the Moon left off, but will probably end up feeling more like Punisher: War Zone felt after watching the 2004 The Punisher. They’ve posted a new generic logo (see above) that represents this mega-franchise and they’ve also commented on how the new robots getting introduced are direct results of wanting new toys and not something that just sort of evolves into its own thing.

I’m laughing at all of this, because it just goes to show you how greedy studios really are. Billions of dollars just isn’t enough to cut it as a success and even Michael Bay had to beg and plead just to get them to fund his much smaller passion project Pain & Gain.

Nothing is good enough for the big guys unless you can secure them an unlimited amount of money without ever worrying about running out.

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