New Line of D’Angelico Guitars to be Released at NAMM 2013

D’Angelico Guitars are bringing you a rather large expansion of their best selling line of reissued guitars in 2013. This will be brought upon by their “Reborn” marketing campaign. But lets give you a little background first.

D’Angelico Guitars are as top shelf as guitars can get. They are more luxurious than most Gibson and Fenders (though not as legendary, obviously). Founded in 1932 by John D’Angelico who is down the bloodline of some serious instrument makers all the way back to Antonio Stradivari (the OG of violin makers). D’Angelico worked hours on end to perfect his guitars in his workshop in New York. His guitars are considered to be of the highest quality and are sought after by any true guitar fan, collector, or aficionado.

The “Reborn” line is bringing back reissues of their legendary guitars for a seemingly affordable price (if you can shell out a grand or two). Guitars that include archtops, semi-hollows, and solid bodies all equipped with a spruce top, maple back, their signature pickguard and tailpiece.

Making their way on to the market this year at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) convention in 2013 are three new Standard Excel Models that feature two different natural and sunburst single cut bodied guitars, and a double cut body that comes in cherry, natural, or sunburst. These will be available for a price under $1500 (which is not that bad considering other models can go for 3 grand and up).

Also being brought into the mix is a reissue of a 1942 USA Masterbuilt Excel which is the first to be reissued of the USA Masterbuilt series. No price has been set on that, though.

The “Reborn” campaign will help bring D’Angelico up from the ashes after John D’Angelico passed in 1964. While they went under the radar, owner of Arizona Iced Tea and guitar nut, John Ferolito came in a bought the company and equipped a new management team in recent years to help bring the lost guitar company out of the shadows.

Now I personally don’t think I am worthy of using great quality guitars. I would be that asshole that picks it up and down-tunes it to drop q or whatever the kids are doing these days. I’ll be honest, I had no idea about these guitars, but after looking them up, they seem like some top notch shit. I know there were boutique brands out there, but I never took the time to look them up.

I know nothing of the quality of guitars, being that I am a player of Schecter and those bad boys are factory made in South Korea (don’t even think of Gangnam Style…). I do, although, have a 1960’s Gibson ES 335 that could use some TLC eventually when I learn how to take care of a damn guitar.

If you’re a hardcore blues player, jazz player, plain ol’ guitar player, or just an avid collector: check out D’Angelico guitars if you want a quality boutique guitar.

Here’s some videos of D’Angelico guitars:

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