New Limp Bizkit Video Isn’t Even Limp Bizkit Anymore

After being on the Cash Money label for a little while now, rap metal group Limp Bizkit has finally released a song/music video on their new label. And let me tell you, things seem different.

Over the past year, LB has had drama with a few members: both John Otto and DJ Lethal stepping out of the band, but despite differences, Otto has been let back in. DJ Lethal on the other hand is still out of the band working on solo projects and banging hookers or something.

One thing that I was worried about was going to be the change of Limp Bizkit. If you read my review of their latest album Gold Cobra a long while back, you’ll know that classic LB was back. They had the same attitude and all around silliness that should never be taken seriously.

Things seemed to have changed.

In their recent music video for a new song called Lightz, LB has shifted to something completely different. They have turned into a product of what Cash Money usually pushes out. A slow and sappy hip-pop song that sounds like it could get some heavy airplay.

I am personally disappointed with the outcome of this song. I liked Limp Bizkit for their dedication to not taking themselves seriously. Wes Borland’s guitar riffs are not even there (besides the weak solo) in this song over the drum machine and synth pads. Fred Durst’s vocals aren’t even that whiney. What gives?!

Anyway, I digress. I hope this isn’t what they will become. Limp Bizkit is far to silly and shallow of a band to be taken seriously. Keep pushing out shit like Break Stuff and Rollin’. Not this crap

2/10 would not bang.

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