New Killswitch Engage Song Kicks Some Ass


My feelings for Killswitch Engage after their last album were very mixed. Not only was it their 2nd self-titled album (lolwut?), but it was very, very mild. They toured for a while after the release and in early 2012, lead vocalist Howard Jones departed from the band. Howard left on good terms and everyone was fine with it. After a short search for a new vocalist, original front-man, Jesse Leach stepped up to the plate and returned to the band. This, I was psyched about.

Jesse had always been my preferred KsE vocalist. I can’t get enough of their Alive or Just Breathing album. What Howard brought to the table was more melodic singing, while Jesse had a scream that could slay a dragon. And hearing him recently with Adam Dutkiewicz on their Times of Grace album, made me realize how great of a vocalist and lyricist he is.

After a long wait, Killswitch worked out a new album that will be out April 2nd of this year. Today they released a Youtube video for their new song “In Due Time”.

As you can hear, the song kicks ass. They seemed to have mixed elements from the Howard era and the Jesse era. While the riffs and vocals are heavy, the chorus maintains a surprisingly melodic vibe.

I am really looking forward to their new album, which is titled Disarm the Descent. It will be released April 2 (an early birthday gift for myself).

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