New ‘Justice League’ Trailer Is Fun & Colorful

Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon‘s Justice League just dropped a new trailer on us this past weekend and it’s actually looking kind of fun and colorful.

There’s no doubt that WB/DC has learned a thing or two from all of the negative feedback that they received after Batman v Superman “disappointed” fans, not to mention the critical backlashing Suicide Squad earned.

Wonder Woman on the other hand, has been praised over and over as the best thing WB/DC has done, which is why Gal Gadot is front-and-center in this latest trailer, while Ben Affleck‘s Batman is almost forgotten.

Seriously though, I love the tone of this new trailer. People are smiling and joking and laughing, yet the action is still massive and colorful. I am worried that there’s a bit too much CGI, but I hope those worries are settled after the film gets polished up for release.

Is it too late for Justice League to work? Does Aquaman not look bad ass with that mile-wide smile and excitement that he sports throughout the entire trailer? Whatcha thinking about Flash and Cyborg?

Justice League bows into cinemas this November.

*Yes, I intentionally cut off Superman’s head in the header image.

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