New ‘Iron Man 3’ One-Sheet, Plus Teaser For Super Bowl Spot


Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 is just around the corner, with a May 3rd release. Are you excited for it yet? Chances are that your answer is so-so or kind of, because as of now Paramount/Disney/Marvel have been playing it quiet on trailers and footage front. We’ve found out a lot about the film as far as casting goes, but not so much as far as the story is concerned.

Sunday marks the Super Bowl, which means yet another Super Bowl spot to wet your whistle. This time around we’ve got a new one-sheet poster to tease you with, plus a 14 second (Yeah; 14 fucking seconds) video that teases the Super Bowl teaser. A tired practice that I can’t stand, but hey, footage is footage.

Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd, 2013.

Check out the teaser (for the teaser) below:

Source : First Showing

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