New International Magic Mike Trailer Shows Off More Of The Boys

Yeah, that title sounds really gay, but this is a film about a bunch of male strippers.

Ladies should have no problem digging this newest international trailer for Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike, but I’m not sure how the guys will react. I personally think the trailer looks great, because I love Soderbergh as a director and I’m very curious as to where he’s going to go with the material, plus a film based on Channing Tatum‘s actual real-life events sounds more interesting than half the big blockbusters set to come out this summer.

Most guys probably won’t be able to get over the abundance of male stripping, but I hope they can look at this movie as something more than eye candy for the ladies.

Matthew McConaughey looks to be having the time of his life in the film, with his lawbreaker’s line coming off as the best thing shown from the movie so far.

Magic Mike also stars Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn. It opens in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

Check out the international trailer below:

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