New Images Of Nacho Vigalondo’s Extraterrestrial

Director Nacho Vigalondo made a name for himself with the 2007 Spanish independent sci-fi/drama Timecrimes. It was a fresh take on the time travel sub-genre and it really managed to wrap things up perfectly towards the end. It’s one of those films that benefits heavily from repeat viewings, due to the way everything unravels. I really enjoyed the film and like most I couldn’t wait to see what good ol’ Nacho had in store for us next.

Thanks to The Film Stage, we can now provide you with a few photos of Nacho Vigalondo‘s latest film, Extraterrestrial. The film is being billed as a science fiction/romance/black comedy blend! Talk about tackling the genre’s here! The film centers around two characters (Julio and Julia) that don’t know each other, who wake up hung-over in the same bed with no memory of the night before. Julio instantly falls in love with Julia, which is apparently a one way street because she does not love him. To make things even more interesting they find out that an alien invasion has taken place!

Sounds like my weekend!

Anyways, the film will be running at the Toronto International Film Festival from September 8th to the 18th. So check that shit out if you’re in the area or wait for the eventual limited release!

In the meantime, check out a batch of images to hold you over!

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