New GTA V Screens Are Just Fantastic

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games was kind enough to release new images of their much-anticipated upcoming game: Grand Theft Auto V.

Already, we are getting a glimpse into what this game could potentially become. It matches the detail and beauty of GTA IV with the interactive vehicles of GTA: San Andreas.

In the pictures below, we see an updated version of the Cheetah, a man riding a bike, and, brace yourself, a fucking fighter jet.

Yes, fighter jets are back! Who doesn’t remember going to the airplane base, grabbing one of these bad-boys, and wreak havoc to the nearby hick towns. It was one of my favorite parts of San Andreas, and now there is the high possibility of getting that back.

Which is pretty good because in GTA IV, you really only could fly a helicopter. As fun as that is, planes are much more badass.

You can tell my excitement, but are you excited? Have you been waiting for a new Grand Theft Auto?

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