New ‘Geostorm’ Trailer Looks Like My Kind Of Dumb

I’ve pretty much accepted Gerard Butler as our modern day B-movie action star. He’s led such exciting action flicks such as Olympus Has Fallen and even the decent-but-not-great sequel London Has Fallen.

Now, he’s looking to defend us from….storms! In the not so distant future, we (as in humans) have figured out a way to control our weather systems, which means that some sort of terrorist is going to try and find out a way to sabotage said systems.

Which is why we must call upon NASA astronaut/all-around bad ass Gerard Butler to somehow save the day (and the world) from complete disaster.

Geostorm looks big and dumb and pretty entertaining. Butler has talents that no-doubt don’t really get used as often as they should, so I’m all for him saving the world (yet again) in a film that looks ridiculously cheesy, yet like a lot of big screen fun.

Are you game?


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