New Footage in International “Amazing Spider-Man” Trailer

As the July release date for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man creeps closer, we’re sure to see an abundance of different ads and trailer for the film starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  For now, we’ve seen two trailers, and today, we have the international trailer for the film.

Often, international audiences get to see a bit of different footage for their trailers, often because they are cut by an overseas division of the company producing it.  Here, that company is Sony, who has a strong international following.  There aren’t a lot of big changes, but there are a few seconds of alternate footage that wasn’t in the last one, and as people are dying to know what the movie is going to look like, consider this an extra peek at some of the footage.

See the trailer below, and be sure to let us know in the comments if it was different enough for you to care!

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