New ‘Evidence’ Trailer Shows More Than You Expect

I’ve written about the found footage movie Evidence more than once now, and thanks to some good friends overseas, I was able to bring you a review of the Showbox Region 2 DVD that was put out in the UK.  There was a lot of controversy over the first trailer, and how many found it to be too similar to The Blair Witch Project to treat it as anything new or different.  However, reviews (including mine) remind viewers that some trailers actually do leave a lot of the plot out, unlike a lot of horror movies like it.

Today, star and producer of the film, Ryan McCoy, sent over the new trailer, and I must say, it’s a lot more indicative of what the entire second half of the film is like, whereas the first trailer really only showed scenes from the first half, before things go off-your-rocker nutso.  So feast your eyes on this, and stay tuned, I’m not sure, and I don’t have any information to back it up, but I think we might soon learn when we can see Evidence on US soil without ordering DVD’s from overseas.  We’ll keep you updated when we hear something, but in the meantime, check out pure insanity:

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