New Clip From Horror Short ‘Familiar’ and Screening Dates

A while back, I reviewed the fantastic short horror film Familiar, which showed a lot of promise on behalf of the film makers, and now producer Zach Green has unleashed a new clip from the film so you can get a good taste of what the movie is like.

That’s just a taste of the opening, before things begin to really spiral out of control as the main character John Dodd (Robert Nolan) slowly loses grip on his own mind.  I’ve been planning an interview with director Richard Powell to talk to him about the short, the state of horror, and his excellent use of practical F/X.

In the meantime, we figured we would give you a glimpse at the new clip, and let some of you know where you can see the movie in the coming months.

Fatal Pictures will be bringing the film to Chicago Fear Fest on Saturday, April 14th at 3:15 pm, and keep an eye out for the Fatal Pictures team around the convention.

After that, everyone will be able to check the film out at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, Texas May 4th-6th.  They haven’t announced exact showtimes yet, but keep an eye on their site as they firm up the schedule.  If you’re in Dallas for Frightmare Weekend, be sure to also stop by and say hi to my buddy Jonathan Lewis, the director of  Black Devil Doll, who will be a guest at the show among many others.

Also, Zach just let me know that the film will also be showing at the Dark Bridges Film Festival in Saskatoon, Sasketchewan, Canada May 3rd-6th, and it looks like it will play Sunday at 12pm with a few other short films.


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