New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Will Probably Rustle Your Jimmies

We’re almost here guys (and girls, I guess). The final part of the EPIC and HEART-WRENCHING saga that is Twilight. Throw all your dollars at the movie screen with this prestige acting from Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and others alike.

To get you even more pumped, America’s most respected award show, the MTV Video Music Awards, was kind enough to give us a new peak at the thrilling finale Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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We see Kristen Stewart herself doing death defying stunts like jumping off of cliffs and tackling cougars. We know its her, because no bad actor would do that. And the drama pumps on as we get the final battle between the good vampires (with the help of the wolves who seemed to have settled their differences) and the bad vampires.

Movie of the fucking year.

No tent will be left un-pitched and no panties will be left dry. Its going to get hot, people. Get ready.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be in theaters sometime in November, I think. You’ll know when its coming.

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