New ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Clip Asks A Serious Question

I’m really starting to think that all of these new clips and trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are presented entirely out of context on purpose.

I’m really excited for this movie, but the tone in the released footage is just so goofy and weird and sort of what you’d come to expect from Zack Snyder, but not exactly the super serious/dark and gritty DCU.

Batman asks Superman a simple question and the dickhead flies off without any real answer. Who does that? Seriously, this new clip obviously paints Superman out to be the bad guy, but we have no idea what just happened.

I’m actually kind of digging the voice-changer for Batman, because Bale’s later moments as The Dark Knight really did start to sound a little too grumbly and off-putting. At least now we can understand him, while also accepting that his voice sounds so dark and weird because of the voice-changing effects of whatever device he’s using.

Check out the clip.

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