New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Poster & Trailer Look Insanely Awesome

Prometheus had one heck of a marketing campaign. The trailers and footage revealed prior to release had it looking like one of the better films not just of that year, but possibly the decade.

Then, the film came out and a split reaction took over the world as most considered it to be a massive disappointment, while I enjoyed it still, but wished it could’ve been a little better.

Clearly, Ridley Scott was trying to wrestle with a hefty script and lots of visuals, in an attempt to merge the Alien universe with something a little different.

Now, he’s back, but with Alien: Covenant. This one looks to return to the franchise’s horror roots, which could mean more of the same, only shot with a more artistic eye. This also could mean another disappointment, but I’m hoping everyone involved has learned their lessons.


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