New A Good Day To Die Hard TV Spot Confirms R Rating


This past weekend I wrote about a rumor that stated John Moore‘s upcoming film A Good Day to Die Hard was getting tagged with an R rating and now we have official confirmation by way of a new TV spot. This is AWESOME news and news that I honestly could not believe until I saw the trailer with my own eyes.

I thought for sure Fox was going to be marketing this one towards the PG-13 crowd — I mean why not? The last film grossed a shit-ton of money and there’s really no reason to turn back to the R-rated roots, unless you actually cared about what the fans wanted. Someone must, because this is actually happening.

I doubt Fox is going to appeal the rating at this point, which means it’s smooth sailing from here until release day, which is February 14th, 2013.

Check out the new TV spot below:

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