Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Gets A Second Trailer

I don’t think I covered this show’s first trailer release, but I’m here to tell you that this second trailer has definitely grabbed by attention.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original show that’s airing all of its episodes on July 15th and personally I can’t wait to start binge-watching it.

It looks like the perfect homage to Spielberg’s Amblin films of the 80s. It looks like everything I hoped J.J. AbramsSuper 8 was going to be.

I’m really digging the mystery, the suspense and the idea of possibly not finding out what’s exactly going on until the end of the season.

I really hope this show holds up as strong as this trailer and I really hope that Netflix’s general overly-long seasons don’t ruin this show’s excellent-looking momentum and excitement.

Are you adding this one to your list?


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