Netflix Is Also Qwikster

I’m not sure what’s going through the minds of the people over at Netflix. They had a really good thing going for them and then sudden price changes and restrictions started to mess that up. Now, Netflix is splitting into two companies, one still being Netflix, which is in charge of streaming and the other being Qwikster, which is in charge of physical copies of movies and games. If you stick with both services you will have to visit each respective site to control your ratings and queue’s. You’ll also get billed separately for each service.

This hopefully means that we’ll stop seeing price raises in the near future.

I personally think this is the dumbest idea Netflix has thought of so far. Netflix is obviously the top dog when it comes to rental services, so why make it more confusing for the customer? They lost me as a customer when they started charging for Blu-ray discs as well as increasing general fee’s, but I’ve always kept the option open to return. They got Blockbuster’s Total Access service beat in terms of streaming and shipping speed, but Blockbuster has the advantage of allowing for title swaps at stores (if you can find a store) as well as free games and Blu-ray rentals for no extra fee.

Blockbuster also has the whole 28 day head start for certain titles. Netflix better hope that Blockbuster doesn’t figure out how to implement a similar streaming option into their already impressive service bundle.

The whole concept of having two different sites sounds like a big inconvenience for those still looking to stream and get discs.

This is all leading to the eventual discontinuation of discs from Netflix. Qwikster sounds like a project that will fade in good time, with streaming takes over.

I’m personally a hard copy advocate, but I do see the benefits of streaming. Netflix will become the king once all of the kinks get figured out and full high definition is actually provided, but until then I see the next few years acting as a transitional period for Netflix. It could reach new heights or finally take that plummet.

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