Netflix Increases Prices

Netflix use to be my one stop source for home video releases. I’d still buy Blu-rays that I really enjoyed, but I would resort to Netflix for streaming and Blu-ray disc renting. Then that all changed a few years ago when they increased their prices and added a surcharge for Blu-ray rentals. Now I understand that it’s just business, but if you’re going to add a fee for renting Blu-rays then maybe you should continue to get new releases on Blu-ray. Ever since they added the fee, their catalog of Blu-ray discs actually decreased. They stopped getting as many new releases due to Blockbuster‘s exclusive window and they stopped stocking old releases that were just making their way to Blu-ray.

Then came instant streaming. They offered a new package that allowed instant streaming only and it sounded reasonable, but what if I want a disc with that? As of today, is reporting that Netflix will be increasing their prices by 60%. The company eliminated the $9.99 plan for unlimited streaming and DVDs. Now you will have to pay $15.98 for one DVD out at a time, which is a 60% increase!

So if you want two DVDs out at a time plus unlimited streaming you will have to fork over $19.98 a month. I remember when I was getting unlimited streaming, 3 discs out at a time and Blu-ray access for $19.99!

The chief content officer, Ted Sarandos‘ said that Netflix is turning back their focus on physical distribution. Now you can have either unlimited instant streaming or one disc out at a time for $7.99. Users who want Blu-ray will have to pay $9.99 for one disc out at a time WITHOUT instant streaming.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad I stopped using Netflix. The new prices are simply way too high. Blockbuster has 3 discs out at a time plus Blu-ray and video games for $19.99. That price is far more reasonable than any of Netflix‘s packages. With exclusives starting to form with other companies, Netflix won’t even have many new releases for 30 to 60 days after release. So why pay all that money when you can’t watch anything new and you can’t even rent Blu-ray without paying an arm and a leg?

I give them credit for instant streaming. They really have made that a major factor in watching movies at home, on your computer or even your phone, but if you’re instant streaming can’t even match the full 1080p of Blu-ray or the lossless audio then I don’t really care!

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