Netflix Inches Closer To Blu-Ray With Super HD Streaming


Netflix at this very moment is making some big and important changes on the way we view media. Many of people are talking about their plan to release all episodes of the new season of Arrested Development at once, which marks a first for a show of this caliber. And while AD is an amazing show and I can’t wait to revisit that world, I’m more excited to hear about Netflix‘s plans for Super HD and 3D streaming.

As it sits now they’ve got some pretty piss-poor streaming quality that works for most household members, but not us avid Blu-ray collectors. Honestly, I’ll probably never drop the physical format in exchange for a cyber way of viewing, but knowing that it’s an option never hurts.

The latest word mentions Super HD 1080p (which will only be available in the US for now) that promises higher encodes like 7Mbps and 12Mbps for 3D. That’s right, 3D streaming will entering the race, with titles like Immortals being ready to go.

This will all come at no extra cost for current streaming members, which is the best news I’ve heard all day. Does anyone remember when Netflix was going to introduce Qwikster and really change the landscape? That was a funny joke.

Clearly better-quality HD content at home via streaming is going to be the future and it’s just a matter of time before Netflix catches up to Blu-ray. They’ve still got a ways to go before matching their video encodes as well as their lossless surround sound.

Source : Engadget

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