Neighborhood Watch Is Now Titled The Watch, New Red Band Trailer Released

Previously titled Neighborhood Watch, now simply titled The Watch, is the latest sci-fi R-rated comedy to come at you from Fox. The film stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade. The four play a group of neighborhood watch members that take their task just a little too seriously.

Luckily for us this looks like it will translate into another hilarious comedy for the summer. Ben Stiller has been bouncing back and forth between good projects, but it seems like forever since I last saw the name Vince Vaughn attached to anything good.

The only disappointing thing I noticed is Jonah Hill kind of rehashing one of his funnier opening bits from 21 Jump Street, but hopefully that’s just the way this particular red band trailer is cut.

The Watch opens on July 27th, 2012.

Check it out in all of its inappropriate glory below, via IGN:

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