My Favorite “Rumored” Video Game Secrets

My Favorite “Rumored” Video Game Secrets in History

Remember when you were younger, and it seemed like there was a much wider abundance of cheats or secrets in video games? I remember spending quite a bit of time in my childhood trying to unlock a special character that was never even in the game, or trying to beat an insanely hard challenge with no reward in the end. There are still some rumors in video games today, but not as much for whatever reason. Maybe people are more cynical now and won’t believe those rumors or maybe we just have more reliable sources on the internet now. Whatever the case, it’s still fun to look back on those “secrets”…

Unlock Mew

If you were a Pokémon fan, and played the video games you have probably heard of this. There were a million different variations for the Red/Blue/Yellow Pokémon games. One method said to get six level 100 Pokémon in your party. Then, teach them all Strength. Go to the truck by S.S Anne and make all of your Pokémon use Strength in turn. Then push the truck and Mew will be there! Or another method says to get all other 150 Pokémon and the diploma, go to the Game Freak man that gave you the diploma. Talk to him 100 times and he will say “Oh, right, I forgot to give you something. Take this Pokémon.” Then, he will give you Mew.  Another one even said to beat the Elite 4 50 TIMES! Thousands of Pokémon fans have attempted these very popular rumors. No Mew to be found in the game using these popular methods. Apparently, a few years later a legitimate way to find Mew was found, which sounds about as contrived as these methods. Go figure.

Unlocking “Insert Character here” in Super Smash Brothers

I remember playing this so much on the N64. I heard rumors online or from friends about unlocking Raichu, Dry Bones, Wario, Sonic, Tails, etc. They were all ridiculous methods that involved beating the story mode on its hardest setting, don’t die once, then don’t take a hit from the Master hand, hit every single name in the credits, etc. The only unlockable people in this game are Luigi, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, and Ness. In the story mode you fight Metal Mario and Giant Donkey Kong. I attempted many times to unlock them as well but that all that time was for nothing. I even heard about unlocking Master hand as a playable character, even in later Super Smash Bros. games. In fact, in Super Smash Bros. Melee, someone did unlock how to use Master Hand… 7 years after the game had came out. Yes that’s right, someone figured this little glitch out 7 years after the game had already been out. That’s just crazy to me.


Unlock Sheng Long in Street Fighter II.

This was a very popular rumor and there’s a reason for it. It was published in EGM! However, it was just an April fool’s joke that got spread worldwide.

“ In the April 1992 issue of the video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, a method was “revealed” to reach Sheng Long in the arcade game. The reporter, cited as W.A. Stokins (waste tokens) of Fuldigan, HA (fooled again, ha), claimed that the character could be found if a player using Ryu did not let the character suffer any damage during the entire game, and upon reaching the final match against M. Bison could neither hit Bison nor let him inflict any damage until the time limit expired, thus ending the round in a draw. After repeating this for ten consecutive rounds Sheng Long would then appear out of nowhere and throw Bison off of the edge screen and out of the way. The game’s on-screen timer would then stop at 99 seconds, resulting in a “fight to the death” between Ryu and Sheng Long”


Luigi in Super Mario 64 – L is Real 2401

One rumor said to “Go in the Lava Land and go in the volcano. Now there are 2 ways to get him. Dive into the Lava Fall at just the right angle, and you will fall into a secret room with a painting of Luigi. Or go on one of the poles and keep bouncing up the Lava Fall, you will see a ledge, if you go on it and look around, Luigi will be there!” In fact, this is one of the more popular alleged secrets in video gaming. IGN in fact received so many claims on finding or unlocking Luigi that they offered a money reward to anybody who could prove they had. People still claim that he is within the game, due to the sign in the Courtyard that reads “L IS REAL 2401”. The same exact sign oddly enough appears in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Whether it’s something to do with the release date of another Mario game (Paper Mario) or how many coins are in the game total, people still speculate 16 years later.


These were just a few I remember from my childhood, I want to hear more though. Comment and share yours!

Thanks for reading.

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