MPAA Tags Romantic Comedy This Means War With An R

When the trailer for This Means War hit the web not too long ago, I instantly started to gag. How could Tom Hardy, whose career is slowly starting to rise, take a role in this film? I can understand why Chris Pine took the role because J.J. Abrams is taking his sweet time with Star Trek 2 and Pine needs some cash flow, but why Hardy? Reese Witherspoon fits right into the film, so there’s no questionable casting there. Maybe Hardy took the role because he saw something different in the film? Something that would set it apart from the typical romantic comedy we’ve all seen done a million times before?

So I found this next bit of news kind of interesting. Box Office Mojo reported the weekly MPAA ratings and This Means War was tagged with an R for some sexual content. This kind of surprises me because obviously the film is aiming for your typical PG-13 light romantic comedy angle. I could almost see it tagging an R due to some violence, since it is a spy/action film. I could even see the R for language because we all know how men are when they’re fighting over a girl. I could easily see Pine and Hardy dropping a few F bombs, but an R for sexual content is just flat out…unexpected?

It’s not that big of news because the film is already appealing the decision. I’m sure they’ll be able to trim it down to PG-13, thus making it another generic film without any added edge to differentiate it from the rest of the herd. That’s too bad though, because an R rating would probably get me in a seat just to see what it’s all about.

You never know though, Haywire tried appealing its R rating and it ended up sticking with it.

Will you be making the trip to your local theater for This Means War? Does the R rating increase your chances of seeing it?

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