Movie Trailer: Christopher Landon Nails Horror/Comedy Again With ‘Freaky’

Director/writer Christopher Landon is quickly becoming a filmmaker that I’m always keeping my eye out for, after having impressed us all with the best Paranormal Activity entry (The Marked Ones) and then following it up with the one-two-punch that is Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U.

As far as I am concerned, Landon can do no wrong and that streak seems to be continuing with his upcoming film Freaky, which is a horror take on the Freaky Friday concept of body-switching an innocent young girl (Kathryn Newton) with a crazed murderer (Vince Vaughn).

What follows appears to be a clever mash-up of genres, giving us both comedy and horror in an approachable slice of fine cinema.

Freaky releases on November 13th (Friday the 13th!!!) and I am all-in for it.


Source : Bloody-Disgusting

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