Most Controversial Video Games in History

Most Controversial Video Games in History…that you haven’t heard of…

If you’re a bit familiar with video games, you are probably already aware that Grand Theft Auto is a violent affair or any 1st person shooter in this day and age has death and blood galore. However, video games have had their fair share of controversy and it goes a lot deeper than just GTA. So let’s discuss some controversial video games or the moments within that you may not be aware of…

Ethnic Cleansing (2002)

Yes, read that title again. This is a low budget game that was actually released and you can already assume what the game is about. Basically, a white supremacist band (Resistance Records) developed their own underground video game in which you go around killing minorities. You play as either a Klansman or a skinhead. The goal of the game is to kill Jews, African Americans (who make monkey noises when they are shot), and Latinos. The end “boss” of the game is Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel. The audio in the game is provided by the group itself and is filled with racially charged lyrics.

If you just got to see this to believe it, here is some gameplay footage. You’ve been warned.

Ethnic Cleansing Video Game review part 1

Super Columbine RPG (2005)

Well, this list started off with quite a bit of controversy but it doesn’t stop there. This is a game that lets you play through the Columbine tragedy of 1999. It is free online, and has created quite a bit of stir to do its very detailed nature. Every little nuance of the tragedy is brought into the game, including dialogue and diary entries from them. You control Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s last day on earth. It’s in 16 bit style, so it feels very familiar as if you’re playing a Final Fantasy SNES game. The creator of the game actually attended high school in Colorado at the time of the shootings and noted that after seeing Clockwork Orange (1971), he felt that a game could comment on current events and modern culture. After the first year of its release, it only had 10,000 downloads. After another year, it had 400,000. The game has been given good reviews by outlets that did review it, but obviously its very nature makes it controversial. Eventually, a documentary on the game itself was made, “Playing Columbine” (2008).

Custer’s Revenge (1982)

This is an old school game for the Atari 2600 made by Mystique. So you got to be wondering, where’s the controversy? Sounds like it’s probably just your run of the mill shooter game for the Atari. However, the only shooting that is done is the arrows dropping from the sky as your trying to run across the screen and rape a Native American woman. Yeah, you read that right. In an Atari game, you rape a naked Native American woman tied to a cactus. It wasn’t even out next to all the other video games; you had to ask for it and could only be sold to adults. It’s a pretty awful game however, and even in 2008, Australian PC Magazine called it one of the worst games of all time.  However, as you can imagine, controversy creates cash. Women’s and Native American groups complained about the games content. The media found out about this game, and caused a stir, which made the game sell 80,000 copies. This was twice as much as some of the other titles done by Mystique. Oh, and were not done with Mystique

Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em (1982)

This is another game done by Mystique for the Atari 2600 system. This game sold really poorly upon release and with good reason. It’s noted as one of the worst games of all time (Common theme huh?). This game is… gross. It’s disturbing just to explain. It plays like classic Atari game Kaboom… but it’s quite a different concept. You play as two women, who are on the street trying to catch semen. Yes, this is rather gross like I said. There is a man on top of a roof who is “enjoying himself” and you have to control the two women and try to catch it before it hits the ground. Even noted by Angry Video Game Nerd, in the manual it says, “Don’t let a drop hit the ground, who knows, that could have been a famous doctor or lawyer” Awesome. Even weirder, in later releases the game came with a second game with gender roles reversed. The game was called, Philly Flasher, and there is a witch on top of the roof lactating milk and you control two men on the ground trying to catch it. What?! I don’t get it either.  Enough Atari, let’s move on.



The Guy Game (2004) 

Hey, want to see naked women? You do? Okay, let’s play a trivia game! Oh…Yes that’s right. That’s the concept for a video game. This game came out in 2004 for the PS2 and Xbox. They went down to Spring Break on South Padre Island and filmed girls showing their breasts and answering questions. This game could just as easily came on a DVD and been played with your DVD remote. I know at this point, you’re asking, “Okay, so it’s a game about seeing breasts? What’s the big deal, Where’s the controversy?” Well, the controversy came after the game was already out on shelves. One of the girls they show naked in the video game was underage during the filming. So, yes, technically there is “child pornography” on your major video game consoles. The game was pulled from shelves after the lawsuit occurred. Interestingly enough, there was an Xbox update that allowed this game to be backwards compatible? So if you find a copy on Amazon, I guess you can still get your hands on it. Out of curiosity, I just now searched for it on Amazon. There are tons of copies available for sale. However, it got pretty mediocre to awful reviews. Then again, how much can you get out of a game that, like I said, can be played on your DVD remote. Speaking of controversial sexual content…

Rapelay (2006)

Read the title. Yes, this is a game about rape. Actually, that’s the entire game. You stalk, molest, torment, and eventually rape a Japanese mother and daughter. This game was released in Japan, which is known for its anime-dating simulators. However, this is way different than that. You’re not trying to flirt or date women. The goal is to touch and do things to them against their will. You try to break down girls and make them your sex slaves. I read the descriptions of some of the game play modes and it’s disturbing. There are multiple sex partner modes, forced pregnancies, and insertion modes. Okay, enough talking about this game. You get the idea; it’s a disturbing game that has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in Japan. The creators and others have noted that Murder is noted as a worse crime than Rape and there are thousands of games about murder. removed the game from their marketplace.  Later, Illusion, the game’s creator, decided to cease game production and removed all mentions of the game from their website.

Well, those were just a few controversial video game titles that you may have not heard about. If you liked reading about them, let me know! There are many many controversial video games out there! Stay Tuned. 

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