More Action In International Wrath Of The Titans Trailer

Warner Brothers is sparing no expense for the promotion of their latest mega action film Wrath of the Titans. The latest international trailer provided by Yahoo Movies, shows off even more expensive action sequences than the previous trailer. I’m not going to lie; this trailer makes the film look kind of fun, in a mindless action film kind of way.

Just how much action is in this damn thing? I guess their trying to make up for the horrible excuse of a film known as Clash of the Titans, which didn’t actually contain much action or 3D or story or…. anything. It was basically Sam Worthington with a short haircut running around town, rebelling against his father, played by Liam Neeson. I think there was a love interest, but two years is just too long ago to remember.

Jonathan Liebesman‘s sequel is scheduled to hit in 3D on March 30th, 2012. I’ve got my expectations set extremely low, how about you?

Check out the international trailer below

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