‘Monsters’ Sequel Tidbits

The follow up to the successful 2010 film Monsters has gotten a subtitle, making the full title of the new film Monsters: The Dark Continent.  Director Gareth Edwards won’t be returning as he’s busy with his Godzilla film, but he has been the godfather to the sequel, which has been in the works since shortly after Monsters came out.

A while back, it was announced that the sequel would be directed by Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas, but now The Film Stage is reporting that Tom Green (not the comedian) will be directing the film instead.  Most of Green’s career so far has been spent directing the BBC hit Misfits, which seems to me kind of like a British Heroes, about a bunch of kids that are struck by lightning and end up with super powers.  The show is F/X heavy, but still dramatic, and Gareth Edwards is apparently a fan, so this might make for an interesting sequel despite Edwards’ limited involvement.  Time will tell, as Monsters: The Dark Continent won’t be out for at least another year most likely.

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