Momentary Lapse of Season

It has been a story like no other, with about as much drama as a Billy Shakespeare play, but unlike his Romeo and Juliet this one seems to be drawing to a happy ending. The story I speak of is that of the NFL Lockout. NFL owners and NFL players engaged in contentious negotiations about the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement. With popularity and profitability at an all time high, you’d think that a resolution of this issue would have come expediently. On the contrary, it has lasted over 130 days. The owners (organized by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell) voted on proposed CBA terms last Thursday, then sent those CBA terms to Demaurice Smith (Head of the NFLPA) for the players to vote on and ratify to end the lockout.

A normal NFL fan observing this process would think that the NFLPA voting to accept the terms of the new CBA would be a slam dunk. Not so fast, a good portion of the NFLPA membership saw the owners’ vote as a power play and griped about some of the conditions within their CBA. The players were expected to vote Friday, but no such vote materialized and the contentiousness remained. Recently, however, sources say that cooler heads have prevailed and a vote by the player can be expected next week. It is looking hopeful that this whole saga will come to a close thus giving rabid NFL football fans, like myself, the full season they desperately crave.

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