“Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” Full Trailer is Here!

After Mission: Impossible 2, many believed the franchise permanently dead.  It took fanboy favorite J.J. Abrams to resurrect the series with the solid third entry, which is so far the best in the series.  However, with the addition of new superstar Jeremy Renner and the first live action film from director Brad Bird, people got excited.

Today, the full trailer has hit the net, along with the news that 30 mins of the film was shot in the IMAX format, including the end of the trailer, which I won’t spoil just yet.  Check the trailer out for yourself right here:

My reaction is that Brad Bird has knocked it out of the park, it looks as big, bawdy, fun, and crazy as a Mission: Impossible film should.  The action and setpieces serve the larger story it seems, which is all too often not the case.  J.J. Abrams understood what fans want to see, and how to successfully hide Tom Cruise‘s faults.

Brad Bird looks to have done the same and even more, that is, after all, the tallest building in the world he has arguably the biggest movie star in the world running down the side of.  With a good cast, and a down and dirty storyline, I think this film will hit all the right spots.

It’s about time Ethan Hunt was fully rogue, that’s really the last place the series hasn’t gone so far, and this looks like it will be the all-out M:I film that so many fans really want to see.  With the addition of Renner as his own brand of bad ass, I think the studio has a surefire hit on their hands, it’s been a while since we had a good holiday action film.

Will you be seeing Tom Cruise and crew mess stuff up this Christmas?

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