Miracles Happen: Sony Dates 2 ‘Bad Boys’ Sequels

Shit just got real.

Sony out of nowhere has dated a butt load of films, ranging from their Ghostbusters reboot, a live-action Uncharted film to Resident Evil and Underworld sequels.

But among all of that garbage (I’m slightly kidding) is not one, but two Bad Boys films.

Michael Bay‘s first two Bad Boys films still hold up as action movie-making at its finest, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence working effectively as a team of bad ass cops with their eyes on blowing up as many drug cartels as possible.

And now we have Bad Boys 3 (2/17/17) and Bad Boys 4 (7/3/19) to look forward to.

We have no idea if Bay is involved at all or if anyone will return, but the idea of more Bad Boys is always a good thing.

Source : The Wrap


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