Minnesota Readers: The Vali-Hi Drive-In Is Now Open All Week!

Hey there folks — how’s your summer going? Just felt the need to remind and share with everyone (well, our Minnesota readers at least) that the Vali-Hi Drive-In theater over in Lake Elmo, MN is now officially open for the season.

This means that the triple feature for the price of one experience can now be seen on every single day of the week, including weeknights.

I’ve already attended once this year, viewing Furious 7, Get Hard and Run All Night again, with an extra large bucket of buttery popcorn and an ice cold refreshment in my hand.

Seriously, going to the Vali-Hi Drive-In is my favorite activity to do all summer long and I’m so glad to see that it’s still doing well and bringing in lots of business.

Normally, the theater opens for weekends only in April and then eventually every day until September, which is when it will go back to weekends only again until eventually closing due to cold weather.

It’s an awesome experience for the entire family, with grilling encouraged before/during the shows, plus feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks to munch on, unless you want to snag some delicious chicken tenders or a dollar hot dog from the concessions, which also happens to have actual restrooms located at the rear.

The Vali-Hi Drive-In is a special experience for all movie-goers around and I highly suggest that you check it out with your friends and family at some point this summer, before it’s too late (which I hope will never be the case).

Click here to see what’s playing at the Vali-Hi Drive-In or to get directions.

Do you have a local drive-in that you frequent? Feel free to let us know below and lets get some old-fashioned drive-in discussion started!

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