Milla Jovovich Kicks Ass In New Monster ‘Hunter Trailer’

Actress/bad ass Milla Jovovich is returning to the big screen with her Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson for Monster Hunter, which looks to be another fun big-budget spectacle that highlights some impressive creature effects and of course, lots of mindless action.

This latest trailer has dropped, which spells out the plot and gets things going pretty quickly.

The fact that this is a Paul W.S. Anderson movie means that it should at the very least contain a ton of Jovovich kicking monster butt and by the looks of it, the budget must’ve increased from the last few shoddy Resident Evil flicks.

Interesting to note that the trailer says that this is dropping in theaters in December, which I am starting to doubt after seeing so many other studios shelf most of their 2020 lineup for 2021 or even 2022.

Do you think Monster Hunter will actually hit cinemas? And if so, will you be buying a ticket?

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