Microsoft Build 2015 – Day 1

Day one of Microsoft Build 2015 conference has concluded but it’s long from over. We still another two days left in this conference but lets go over a few things that have been seen so far. It’s been packed full of new releases however none more so than the news on Windows 10. Which I will get into a little bit later.

Microsoft announced that .Net Core preview will be available on Mac and Linux now. .Net is the company’s open source implementation software. This move of opening it up to those operating systems allows them to build cloud applications on multiple platforms. Windows users can now begin to work out the kinks and start debugging today. Microsoft previously released a technical description detailing what you can and can not do with this new .Net release and how it fits to each platform. You can check that out here.

To go along with releasing things for Mac and Linux owners, Microsoft has released the availably of their Visual Studio Code, a code editor.

Within the keynote Microsoft started detailing their Microsoft Office 2016. The biggest news to this front is the new cross-platform integration of Office Graph API. Developers can use this for add-in frameworks to build on top of the Office Suite. You will be able to set an appointment reminder in Outlook and have the reminder pop up on your iPhone when the time arrives. The idea is that you’ll be able to use to across devices also. In the Keynote they demonstrated an integration of Excel from a desktop to an iPad. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, this idea of integration is designed to stop you from jumping between applications and helping you get things done from a single place.

Blue-Wallpaper_Windows_10_HD_2880x1800Windows 10 is finally here. When? We’re still not sure but it’s at least shown to us now. First up on the Windows 10 front is that Microsoft is upgrading The Windows Store and allowing it to get its own carrier billing service across 90 mobile operators. This will allow it easier for individuals who are purchasing applications and also for developers to sell apps, without the requirement of having a credit card.

There had been rumors flying around that the biggest thing Microsoft was going to announce at Build 2015 was the integration of Android Apps and iOS apps on Windows 10. Well today Microsoft as made those rumors true. They announced that developers could port their app codes from both platforms into Windows 10. This will only help the developers because now they won’t have to try and code differently for each platform. They will be able to expand their apps better. The apps will be considered universal apps on Windows 10 and you will be able to use them on the desktop.

ms-edgeInternet Exporer is no more. Microsoft has been working on a new project to replace the internet browser for awhile now with the code name Project Spartan. Well it’s not longer Project Spartan, its now Microsoft Edge. Of course with browser competition, they made it so you can port over your Chrome extensions in Edge. A cool feature that was added is that by hovering over a tab in Edge you will be able to preview the site’s contents. Edge will also support note taking and have sharing capabilities built in. Microsoft released an introduction video for you, check it out.

Not only did Microsoft announce Windows 10 at the Keynote they also announced the support for Windows 10 on their mobile devices. It promised a full backing to make their devices as universal as possible. By utilizing this you Windows 10 phone can be used as a full computer, complete with mouse and keyboard. Windows 10 Continuum will allow you to plug in a HDMI display into your phone and use universal apps. Of course this isn’t going to give you the full desktop experience but it will be close enough considering its your phone.

If you’re looking to watch the Microsoft Build 2015 conference live you can head on over to the Build Homepage. You’ll be able to check out days schedule and also watch previous sessions. You will be allowed to watch previous sessions roughly 24-48 hours after each session has concluded. Then after watching you can give you opinion on what you thought of the session with a session evaluation.

I knew Microsoft would come out with a bang but I’m excited to hear more as the next two days go on. Let us know what you thought about the day one releases at Microsoft Build 2015. Is this something that you are looking forward to or have been following for some time now?

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