Michael K. Williams Will Be An Old Dirty Bastard

Michael K. Williams, who has wowed critics in the past with his work as Omar on The Wire and more recently, Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire, and now all he needs is the right role to boost him to big screen stardom.  That role might be as Old Dirty Bastard, the most infamous rapper from Wu Tang Clan, in a movie that will follow the exploits of a VH1 intern that gets pulled into ODB’s misadventures after pitching him a reality show while visiting the rapper in prison.  The intern then ends up as ODB’s manager, and he had a prolific career as an executive producer on rap albums, also producing TV shows on multiple networks.

Deadline says the movie will be directed by Joaquin Baca-Asay, a commercial and music video director, who lists Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems” among his oeuvre.  In his final years, Old Dirty Bastard lived a life that was relatively wild even by his standards, and this is a guy that openly smoked crack and went on national TV to get welfare while his albums sold millions of copies.  Michael K. Williams has proven himself as one of the next great actors in Hollywood, so hopefully this will be just another turning point in his ascent to the top.

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