Michael Fassbender Exits Lynne Ramsay’s ‘Jane Got A Gun’


I have some bad news to report. Due to scheduling conflicts with X-Men: Days of Future Past, actor Michael Fassbender has dropped out of Lynne Ramsay’s western Jane Got A Gun. Due to Fassbender dropping out of the film, the cast has been reshaped quickly so that the film can start production next week as planned.

Joel Edgerton, who was originally set to appear as the villain, has now taken Fassbender’s vacant role. The latest addition to the cast is Jude Law who will be portraying the villain. Even though I was looking forward to seeing Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman work together in a Lynne Ramsay film, I can’t complain about the cast changes. Jude Law is a fantastic actor who I’m sure will bring his own to the film.

Jane Got A Gun centers on a woman named Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) whose gunslinger husband turns on his own gang. When he returns home riddled with bullet wounds and barely alive, Jane takes matters in her own hands. When her husband’s gang eventually tracks him down to finish the job, she is forced to reach out to her ex-lover Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton) and ask if he will help her defend her farm. Jude Law is going to be portraying the leader of the ruthless gang who are set out for revenge.

Jane Got A Gun is set to arrive in theaters in 2014.

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