Michael Bay Re-Uses Footage In Transformers 3

When I was watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon a certain scene came across the screen and I felt a moment of déjà vu. I sat there for about two minutes scratching my head wondering what I just saw. Then I went home and noticed that Slashfilm confirmed my thoughts. Michael Bay re-used footage from one of his past films, The Island for his latest film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Since Transformers and The Island both were special effects heavy, I’d assume it wouldn’t be that hard to use the same stock footage and just add a new layer of effects.

The reason I noticed this almost instantly is because The Island is probably my favorite Michael Bay movie and in general one of my favorite big budget Hollywood styled science fiction films of recent years. I never actually saw the movie until it hit DVD.

A lot of people are stirring up quite a fuss over Bay re-using the footage and I honestly can see from both sides of the field. I do feel a bit cheated knowing that Bay has re-used footage from a past film for Transformers when he could have shot new stuff. The main problem I had with Transformers: Dark of the Moon was the lack of any story progression or any general plot. (Read my review here) So if he spends most of his time ignoring those problems and focusing on special effects, why not give us 100% new scenes of effects? Especially if you ignore are calls for a better story!

But in Bay’s defense I’d imagine that shooting some of those scenes must be hard as hell and if you already have the footage then why not re-use it? The main reason this isn’t really that big of a deal is because the re-used footage consists of a few seconds. Had he used 20 minutes from his past movie in the new Transformers then this would be a whole other story, but he didn’t.

I just think that it’s odd that of all people who do this Bay is one of them. The guy has what seems like an unlimited amount of money at his disposal, so wouldn’t you think he would always want to create something new every time?

Check out the YouTube video below and leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter:

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