Michael Bay Is Probably Going To Direct Transformers 4

Originally the plan was for Michael Bay to hand over the directing duties for Transformers 4 to someone else. No one really cared who he gave the duties to, just as long as that meant Bay was done and that he could now move onto making something more bad ass like Bad Boys III.

Bay is a talented directed when it comes to making really big movies, full of action. You could tell that he got bored with the Transformers series after the first film and that he was probably making them just for an easy paycheck and an excuse to both blow shit up and stare at hot chicks.

I don’t blame the guy, but man the second film sucked ass. The third was decent, but not much better.

The latest news on all things Bay is that he wants to work on a passion project called Pain & Gain. It’s supposed to be a cheap (for Bay) dark comedy that involves a group of really dumb body builders who kidnap a businessman. Dwayne Johnson tweeted about joining the cast a few days ago and rumor has it they want to get Mark Wahlberg in on it too.

Here’s the problem though. Paramount is only willing to give Bay the freedom to make Pain & Gain if he returns for Transformers 4. Chances are high that he’ll sign a deal with them so he can get his film going, but that means he’ll return later for Transformers 4 sometime around the end of 2012.

I was really hoping they would pass on the Transformers series to someone else who could maybe breathe some new breath into the dying series. Or they could just stop making the movies and make everyone happy.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see Bay back on Transformers or do you want to see him make Pain & Gain?

(via Bad Ass Digest)

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