Metallica and Lou Reed Album “Lulu” Streaming

So a few weeks ago I posted a preview to Metallica and Lou Reed‘s single “The View. Judging the content of what we heard, we knew this was going to be different. After listening to just a couple songs off this album, I would agree with that statement.

Recently, they posted the entire album on their website to stream. You can listen to it here.

After giving it a listen, I think this has turned out to be crap. It is very lengthy. Just about an hour and a half cumulative. Forty minutes of that are consisted within 3 songs. Even one reaching the fucking 20 minute mark. I don’t doubt their musical skills. This album seems decently listenable musically. It has some Metallica edge to it, but what ruins it is Lou Reed‘s unfitting vocals.

I would say this would be a collaboration gone wrong. Two artists, who by themselves are decent and listenable, coming together to create a gelatinous pile of filth covered in slime. It is definitely diverse, I won’t deny that, but the way it is delivered is awful. Lou Reed‘s vocals are something that shouldn’t be mixed with heavy rock guitars.

On the other side of the table, there are those who say this is a revolutionary album. I can see where they are coming at with its experimental delivery in slight resemblance to Pink Floyd‘s work. It’s something different and maybe some people aren’t ready for this yet.

What do you, the reader, think? Do you give this album a chance to sink in or bash it once it comes contact with the skin? Give a song or two a listen and let us know in the comments below.

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