Metal News Roundup – July 13, 2011

Since I’m pretty new here I figured I’d let everyone know how this little amalgam of news is gonna go.

At least a couple times a week I’ll be gathering the juiciest breaking news stories in the world of metal, compiling them all together in this neat little package for you.  I’ll do my best to post everything I think is relevant and/or vital, but feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything ’cause I’m sure it will happen.

So without further adieu, here’s what’s been happening the past few days in the wacky, wild and crazy world of metal.

– According to their Official Facebook Page, sultry punk-metallers Polkadot Cadaver (more specifically, founding members Todd Smith and Jasan Stepp) are launching their brand new record label, Razor To Wrist Records, on Monday, July 18th at 11:59pm, with a promise that all questions regarding their upcoming releases will be revealed.

This is pretty cool news if you ask me.  For any of you that know me, you know that I’m head over heels in love with Smith and Stepp’s former band, Dog Fashion Disco, as well as Polkadot Cadaver, and from what I’ve been hearing about their new label it should be great news for any of their fans, new or old.  New releases from Polkadot Cadaver and Smith and Stepp’s other band, Knives Out, as well as the promise of a brand-spankin’-new Dog Fashion Disco DVD!!  Very stoked to see how this plays out.

– According to Lambgoat, hard rock/post hardcore band Every Time I Die have entered the studio with engineer/producer Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Melvins, The Jesus Lizard) to begin work on their new album, the follow up to their highly successful 2009 album New Junk Aesthetic.  No official title has been released yet, though according to Wikipedia, it’s tentatively titled Horny Wolf Party Anthem.  While I wouldn’t put it past the far-from-serious dudes in the band to name their album something that ridiculous, it is Wikipedia, so I’ll believe it when I see it.  What I do know is that it will be released via Epitaph Records.

To be honest, I haven’t really cared much for these guys since their 2003 album, Hot Damn!, which I still think is a masterpiece of frenetic post hardcore malice.  Since then they’ve become hugely popular in and out of the metal scene and I’ve got to give them props for coming so far.  I’ll always give their new material a chance, even if it’s just to see if they’ve finally come to their senses and started writing heavy music again.  Doubtful, but I’ve always been the hopeful type.

– On the sadder side of things, one time Motörhead guitarist Michael “Würzel” Burston died Saturday, July 9th, of heart disease.  He was 61.

It’s always a huge bummer to hear of the passing of one of the good ones in metal.  Though not a founding member, Burston played on some great records, including No Remorse, The Birthday Party, Orgasmatron, Rock N’ Roll, and Sacrifice.  He also released a couple of solo albums and played/toured with countless other bands.  He will surely be missed.

– I’ve saved the best for last.  According to their Official Facebook Page, German brutal death metal veterans Aborted have completed work on their upcoming album Global Flatline.  That in and of itself is awesome news, but what’s even better is that their record label, Century Media Records, has posted the first in-studio webisode highlighting the drum recording.  Check it out below:

Outside of this video I am completely unfamiliar with their new drummer Ken Bedene, but needless to say that fool can definitely play.  Seems like he’ll be right on par with their insanely heavy brand of death metal.  And that’s certainly no easy feat.

There is no official release date yet for Global Flatline, but from what I’ve read we can expect sometime this fall.  If it’s anything like their last EP, Coronary Reconstruction, you can bet your ass I’ll be pitching a tent outside my local record store in the days leading up to its release.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back in the next few days showcasing more of the daily brutality in the world of metal nerddom.

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