Men Rapist Review (short)

Here’s another short we’ve had for a while, but just now gotten around to.  The aptly titled Men Rapist comes from Italy (where we’ve seen some really awesome short horror films lately), this one is directed by Giuseppe Piva from a screenplay by Giosue Cremonesi from a story by Piva and Andrea Bernini.

The opening of the film immediately shows the confident camera work and excellent cinematography, but it takes a few minutes for the viewer to really grasp the set up of the film.  This is the start of an episodic pulp series, labeled The Night of Angelica.  The short follows a sleazy porn filmmaker convincing a girl to star in his movie, then we shortly see him intersect with another man’s life, who is abusive toward his wife.

When both men are hunted down by a strange cyborg because of their sexual perversions, it doesn’t turn out well for either of them.  Maybe further episodes would give a glimpse into what is actually going on, who the woman getting retribution is, and why we care about her.  Here, the only information we glean is she was a past victim of both men, and she has come for her revenge.

The short is slickly shot, and all the acting by leads Massimo Barberi and Gianpiero Aceto is good, both make good creeps.  The titular Angelica (Sarah Giacobbe) is beautiful, but we don’t learn enough about her, or see enough of her to know anything else. It doesn’t feel like a simple short film, the only hindrance comes from the lack of story that the viewer gets to see.  This could be solved in later episodes, as I got to see only the first one, but it’s promising work and visually looks better than a lot of independent fare.  If they can figure out where they’re going with the story, and what they’re trying to say about the behavior of these people, they’ll have a real gem on their hands.



Men Rapist Trailer Ep.1 from Giuseppe Piva on Vimeo.

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