Mel Gibson to ‘Machete Kills’?

Ever since the announcement that Machete Kills! was a go movie for Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo, there have been some crazy rumors about the cast, and this one has to be the craziest, but Deadline says this one is really happening:

Mel Gibson will most likely be the film’s main villain, and basically all that’s left to do is sign the contract.  A curious turn of events, especially considering the continuation of Mel Gibson‘s public meltdown in his heated feud with Joe Ezsterhas, the famous screenwriter/loudmouth jackass responsible for Basic Instinct.  Yeah, he was the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood for a time, but now his time has passed.  However, he was working on the script for Gibson’s Judah Maccabee movie that many felt was merely a mea culpa for his public outbursts of anti-Semetism.  Ezsterhas claims that’s exactly what he experienced dealing with Gibson, and at this point, everyone is inclined to believe everything against Gibson, although curiously, they still go to see his films, with Edge of Darkness doing well enough despite Mel’s horrible publicity at the time.

Rodriguez is known for not giving a shit about the personal lives of stars in relation to work (he had his own problems in that category a few years back) so it really doesn’t surprise me that he would seek Gibson out, and it could be the best way for Gibson to reinvent himself as a person that doesn’t take himself so seriously.  If it happens.  We’ll see soon enough.

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