Meet The Characters Of ‘Brave’

Though I have not seen Cars 2 quite yet, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things. Could Pixar be producing a bad film? Possibly. However a lot of people have already moved past Cars 2 onto their next feature film, Brave. Just Yesterday we were given a look at the poster and today we are given a hi-res movie poster thanks to TheFilmStage. Not only do we have the new re-res version of the poster we get a sneak peak of the main characters.

Below are the following; Princess Merida (Kelly MacDonald), Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), The Wise Woman (Julie Walters) and Lord MacIntosh (Craig Ferguson).

Below you can see the hi-resolution movie poster for Brave. According to Bleeding Cool, if you look closely you can see the fifth character. The fifth character is a nod to the original title of this film, The Bear and the Bow.


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